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WBE.Net has a Certificate of Review from The U.S. Department Of Commerce, in concurrence with The U.S. Attorney General, to promote U.S. exports, develop export trading companies, and Attorney General, to promote U.S. exports, develop export trading companies,

The application was deemed submitted on March 18, 2002 and a summary of the application was published in the Federal Register on April1,2002 (67 Fed. Reg. 15358, 15359). The Secretary of Commerce and the Attorney General have reviewed the application and other information in their possession. Based on analysis of this information, the Secretary of Commerce has determined, and the Attorney General concurs, that the Export Trade, Export Trade Activities, and Methods of Operation set forth below meet the four standards set forth in Section 303(a) of the Act.

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  1. Work at Home


    Import/Export with WBE.NET

    The opportunity to work at home and run your own International Trade business can be the answer…

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  2. How WBE.NET Can Help You


    Learn How WBE.NET Can Help You

    Whether you are experienced in import export or just getting started, membership in WBE.NET Provides you…

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  3. WBE.NET Trading Bloc


    WBE.Net Trading Bloc

    The database links contain thousands of individual and company records contributed by…

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  4. Membership in WBE.Net


    Learn Membership in WBE.Net

    For a one-time set-up fee and monthly access charge, you become part of our global register…

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  5. Learning Support


    Learning Support

    Experts are available by phone and email to guide you along the import/export trade route…

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    Founder & CEO Mr. Roosevelt Roby and friends. Click on the link above to view the gallery…

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