Learning Support

bcoachservAt times you may have questions that even your business associates and best friends can’t answer for you. Either they don’t know the answer, or they don’t want to tell you because they fear the competition. Who can you turn to when you need the answer, NOW?

Import/Export trade is a multi-trillion dollar business that continues to grow each year. One deal could bring in as much as a Million Dollars or more. WBE.Net members have access to Experts, Agents and Consultants who have the knowledge and experience necessary to look at any possible transaction and make a general analysis of the potential for success.

For a one time fee and a small monthly access charge, members of WBE.Net have unlimited learning support of our business experts via telephone or e-mail. When you consider the hourly rates you would pay to speak with an authority on your topic of interest, you can see how you will save valuable time and money buy utilizing our Learning Support services.