Frequently Asked Questions

Over time many of our members have come to us and asked us all types of questions. this section provides answers to the questions most frequently asked by our members.

1. Where do I start?

From our home page [] in the left-side column under User Options, click on [Members Sign-In]. Input your pass codes exactly as we gave them to you in lowercase letters and numbers.

In the MEMBER SECTION, below study section click and print 1) Steps to Start, 2) Tips and Procedure, 3) Trade Contacts, and 4) Tips on Signing Up for Independent Databases. Use these items to set a firm foundation from which to work.

Watch all online tutorial videos and read the Practical Study Guide For U.S. Export Trade Agents. Please read the Study Guide front to back three (3) times. This is necessary to get your thoughts familiar with new information.

2. Who answers my ongoing questions?

First you must understand and use the resources provided in the MEMBER SECTION. They provide valuable information that you can refer to again and again. Having read the Practical Study Guide three (3) times already, you should be very familiar with the Table of Contents. Most of your questions are addressed plainly in sections outlined there. Become familiar with the Trade Resources link. There you will find many links to U.S. Government resources that are very helpful. Learning Support is available to assist you by email and phone consultation. Make it a habit to contact us for learning support on a regular basis. Get familiar with our different points of view; be open to new information; and, log on to as often as possible. The world is changing, are you? Make up your mind to proceed with faith in yourself, focus on the details, and follow-through to complete transactions.

3. Do I need a license?

An agent or middleman may need a business license to conduct a home-based business. Check with your local City or County Clerk’s office to determine if you need one. Usually, the supplier, manufacturer or shipper has a license to export the product.

4. How am I paid?

Today almost all banking is done by direct deposit. The written agreement between you and the paying party will have clearly stated the agreed upon payment method.

5. EXAMPLE: Negotiating A Deal – Step-by-Step Procedure

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