WBE.Net Trading Bloc

The Independent Trade Databases (LINKS) contain thousands of buy and sell leads. Each record includes a number of keywords to describe the individual’s product and service needs. A comprehensive search program enables you to explore each database for trade opportunities and trading partners in any particular field. To find people you might want to trade with, you query the database by entering the word or words that best describe the product or service you are searching for. If you enter more than one word, the program will search for listings that contain either or both of the words.

  • Search for products and services to export.
  • Locate market information and statistics by product type, trade name or geographical location.
  • Trade leads and resources are updated by the source.
  • Member profiles, as well as foreign and domestic government agencies, contribute to provide the comprehensive details your career strategy needs.

Example: Typing COMPUTER will list everyone who has the word “computer” somewhere in their keyword list. Typing COMPUTER and SOFTWARE will list everyone with the word “computer”, the word “software” or both words.

Hint: If the product you are searching for has common synonyms, search for both. For example, search for both FISH and SEAFOOD and you’d be less likely to miss a promising contact. If you searched for just one of them, you might miss people who were listed only under the one word.

To find buyers, search the Trade Opportunities database. To find sellers, search for Trading Partners.

Note: Suppliers may sell multiple items, not only those shown on the initial line that is displayed. Select the supplier for full information.

If you are new to international trade, the fastest way to get started is to find a Trade Opportunity — a product or service that someone wants to buy — then locate a Trading Partner who can supply the desired item. You negotiate the deal (keeping both sources confidential, of course) and earn a commission or finders’ fee.

We urge you to visit the WBE Trade Services sites provided by our advertisers and members. They are the leading authorities on various aspects of trade development such as banking, finance, freight forwarding and logistics. We also offer on-line help through trade consultants who will interact with you one-on-one to help you accomplish your goals.