R. Roby & Russell Simmons

Roosevelt_Roby_Russell_SimmonsNEWS FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

World Business Exchange Network Los Angeles
and Urban Leadership Los Angeles, CA
Host A Private Reception with “CEO of Hip Hop”
Sunday, May 20, 2007
At The Fairmont Miramar Hotel
101 Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA

Russell Simmons(left), Roosevelt Roby(center), Kim Anthony(right)

LOS ANGELES: World Business Exchange Network and Urban Leadership Los Angeles host a VIP Reception to launch a new book by Russell Simmons: “Do You” The 12 Laws to ACCESS the POWER in YOU to Achieve Happiness and Success.

Russell Simmons co-founder of the original Def Jam Recordings launched a new book to address how you can achieve your own dreams that lead to success. Simmons, with ventures in music, television, theater, mobile communications and clothing lines has earned the reputation of master entrepreneur and visionary in business and media.

Roosevelt Roby entrepreneur and CEO of WBE.NET, the World Business Exchange Network hosted the event to draw attention to the needs of our young people, future inner city millionaires who struggle and strive to imitate Russell Simmons’ success.

“I was pulled out of school in the 6th grade in grammar by a plantation owner who told me to go out to his field and help my folks pick his cotton,” confessed Roby. “Today the law requires kids to go to school and get an education. The problem is, they have empty heads and some students don’t find anything in school to interest or motivate them.”

Roby has a plan that not only gains student interest it gives young minds something to learn that can lead them to financially successful futures. The WBE.NET Global Internet Trade Course for Students (GITC) is an approved course curriculum teaching the fundamentals of import/export trade. Roby stated that the course has proven to improve the attitudes and grades of all students taking the course. In fact, more students involved in the GITC go on to four-year colleges.

Roby is passionate about the global marketplace and offers a common sense approach to trade. “We should all know how international trade affects us,” he says. “Just look at the labels in the back of your clothes. Most of the products we use as consumers are made in foreign countries. We know how to be international buyers but we need to become global suppliers.”

“I’m on a mission from God to train 100,000 of His New Millionaires,” declares Roby. His company has an agreement with the US Department of Commerce in concurrence with the US Attorney General who issued an Export Trade Certificate of Review authorizing WBE.NET to promote US Exports and to create Export Trading Companies. WBE.NET offers study materials, online resources and learning support to entrepreneurs and business owners that want to get involved. The GITC course serves K-12 and college students enrolled in school districts that adopt the curriculum.

For more information contact World Business Exchange Network [www.wbe.net] or call 1-800-537-7347. #####