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Doing Business on the Internet

Businessman Shares Family Success Secret

–Ron Dungee


SUCCESSFUL SURFERS — Roosevelt Roby with his sons, Tony and Danny, pose with the tools they use to tap into a global marketplace.


Roosevelt Roby, entrepreneur and father of 10, taught his children how to make money selling products on the Internet. Their success translates into a very lucrative family business that he believes will sustain his growing family of grandchildren and beyond.

“Through our research, we discovered how to tap into a vast global marketplace with billions of consumers who are eager to buy anything that comes from America,” he says. “All we need to know is what they want to buy, then we find the suppliers.”

What do global consumers want to buy? Everything from toys to blue jeans, according to Roby.

“They want the same things we have here in America. The problem is,” Roby explains, “they aren’t equipped to manufacture most products in other countries. They’re looking for American suppliers and they’re willing to pay top dollar to have the things we take for granted.”

Take toilet paper, for instance. A common complaint among travelers is about the rough grade of tissue that is available outside the United States. It’s pretty evident that American-grade tissue provides a much higher level of comfort.

“In fact,” says Roby, “it’s a luxury item sought after by the royal families of the world. They want designer-colors to match their bath ensembles.”

Roby says that used cars and auto parts are in high demand as well as music CDs and personal hygiene products.

“My sons export rebuilt automotive turbochargers,” Roby tells us, “and I’ve sold a large number of used American made cars. There’s a company in Germany who wants to buy eight or 10 cars per month. They pay in advance and the shipping company and my bank handle all the paperwork. We make from $3,000 to $5,000 per vehicle and they sell abroad for a much greater profit.”

If business is so good, you might ask, why aren’t more people involved in it? That, according to Roby, is because most people think that international trade is only for big businesses.

“They think it’s too complicated for an individual or small company,” Roby explains. “Too many rules to follow.”

In 1987, Roby developed a computer database system to simplify the process and provide vital information to importers and exporters. His service, WBE.NET, the World Business Exchange Network, is a membership trade association with subscription service that started as a dial-up bulletin board [BBS] system, now located on the Internet. WBE.NET provides trade leads and market research information supplied by government and other business and trade resources. These databases provide contact information for buyers, sellers, manufacturers, agents and distributors worldwide.

“WBE.NET gave me the opportunity and the tools to participate in money-making deals ranging from a $25,000 blue jeans transaction to an $18,000,000 steel contract as a middleman/agent,” says WBE member Julius Hughes of Compton. “After purchasing WBE.NET’s Global Package, I trained my son to work with me in this business. I am proud to show him that we no longer need to rely on a paycheck.”

Roby believes anyone can be successful in international trade. He says it is the only business he knows of that is promoted by governments throughout the world.

“They want you to be successful because it’s good for everyone’s economy,” he says. “It doesn’t take a lot of money or knowledge to get started. As an export agent, you can operate from home or office on a full or part-time basis with no inventory, no warehousing and no capital required to buy merchandise. Surely, manufacturers welcome agents and distributors to expand their markets and sell more products. You can act as a middleman between buyers and sellers and earn hefty commissions for putting deals together.”

Membership in WBE.NET includes a training DVD, printed study materials, workbooks, access to databases of buyers and suppliers, online resources and learning support. WBE.NET is a division and trademark of REIS Network, a Researched Entrepreneurial Ideas Specialists Group since 1985.