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Black owned company provides hope for a way out of recession



Mr. Roosevelt Roby
WBE.NET Founder


Things are bad. People are losing their jobs and homes. Middle class families are becoming the “noveau-poor”.  Mr. Roosevelt Roby, Founder and President of the World Business Exchange Network says though all the signs look bleak about the economy, people are still using products and paying for them, not just in the United States of America, but across the Americas all over the world in Indonesia, Russia, Egypt, Norway and beyond. He has the answer by bringing a new phenomenon to the Internet proving the world is really becoming smaller. There is money to be made by doing International Trade.

Out of bleakness there is hope. Mr. Roby was born in the backwoods of Mississippi and denied an education. As a child he picked cotton for a rich plantation owner. During that time, hobos, as they were called in the day used to come by and chat about the big cities they had hitched a ride to on the railroad where blacks were prospering. This piqued his curiosity and after earning enough money to travel, he left home on a journey to a new way of life. He learned a trade working on heavy equipment. But because of his skin color, he was denied the right to become a member of the Union. He then decided to start his own business to become his own boss.

He being uneducated confided in his wife, Cathy Roby who stood by his side even though at the time an interracial couple was frowned upon. They had many businesses that lead to the couple becoming experts on operating a business. Their love for the Lord led them to the Christian Science Church. There, they were asked to stand up and tell the congregation about their business. After they finished, the Deacon who was in charge of the International Newspaper and another Deacon who was in charge of the International Radio Broadcasting told him that President Ronald Reagan, who also attended the church, informed them that a deal had just been cut with President Gorbachev to knock down the Berlin Wall. Because of this, the country formerly known as the Soviet Union was allowing trade. The Deacons asked Roby to produce a commercial advertising to see if there was interest in doing business with the United States.

Over the first 90 days, there were close to 10,000 responses from the former communist country. People wanted to buy tires, clothing, food, ice machines, computers, motor homes, cars, trucks, school buses, airplanes, boats and just about everything that they could not get when the country was closed off from the outside world. Trying to get Sears and Montgomery Wards to fulfill orders proved a daunting task. None of the companies could fulfill the orders. They simply did not know how to at the time. Being on the new wave of invention, a light bulb turned on in Mr. Roby’s head.

The first action that Mr. Roby took was to get his children involved in International Trade. His two sons and their families launched an automotive turbo charger repair business, which is still successful today. They marketed to International requests for the turbo repairs measuring responses from the Christian Science Monitor Syndicate report, which had been used earlier. From one business grew the foundation to the formation of the World Business Exchange Network. Mr. Roby is now on a mission to train 100,000 of “God’s New Millionaires.” His WBE.NET program helps persons wanting to become their own boss to start doing business importing and exporting. The company has numerous databases of companies wanting to buy and sell, these come included in the program that has a Certificate of Review from the U.S. Department of Commerce. With the program that includes a DVD and reading materials, there is live Professional Export Learning Support. The program has been featured on news stations: CBS channel 2, KTLA channel 5, KCAL channel 9 as well as IBC Report, CYH Magazine, La Opinion Newspaper and many more shows. The WBE.NET Global Internet Trade Course is also offered to school districts so that students can learn too.

Former President Bill Clinton, Governor Gray Davis, Mayor Richard Riordan and U.S. Department of Commerce Trade Secretary William Daley could not have been all wrong, having pledged their support for the program. Where do you stand? Get out of the gloom and doom of the financial market. Make a change today. Start your own business today. Become one of “God’s New Millionaires.” Toll Free in the U.S. call (800) 537-7347. http://www.wbe.net.

sentinel75thEntrepreneur Roosevelt Roby met with The Los Angeles Sentinel to talk about methods of increasing knowledge of world trade opportunities.