How Do I Find Potential Trades?

Once you have chosen a product for export, you can begin to search the Independent Trade Databases (Links) for potential foreign buyers.

  • From the WBE Home Page, press the [MEMBER LOG-IN] Link
  • Enter your User Name and Pass Word exactly as given to you
  • Press [Independent Trade Databases (Links)] from the menu list

Select one of the databases and become familiar with their categories of products. You will search those categories using “key words” to find potential trading partners. To view a buyer’s contact information, click on the words that are underlined and/or highlighted in blue.

Sometimes, your search will produce results that seem to have no relation to the category or key words you selected. View the record anyway. It may contain a number of requests for a variety of products. Your search words may be among those other products listed.

Often, you will find fascinating results you did not expect from your search category, or results that carry an older date of entry. Sometimes a foreign buyer has never been contacted or his needs were not met. Many times that person or company is still in need of products or is looking for new suppliers on a regular basis. We suggest you view and/or print out all records that interest you.

Note: If your search produces no result, select new key words to search by. Don’t limit yourself to one or two products when there are so many opportunities to pursue.

Your Search Results will contain information on:

  • Who the potential foreign buyer/company is;
  • What type of product or service is needed;
  • When they require shipment;
  • Where the product will be shipped to;
  • How to respond to them;
  • And other pertinent information the company provides about its banking and professional references.