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Teens pose with guest speakers at The 2nd Annual PEYS Youth Summit.

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L-R T. Fox (Former Inglewood High School Student), Ashanta Stoner (AFL Educator), April Frank (AFL Educator), Leslie Small(Motivational Speaker)Laura Stroud (MSW Director), Dr. Barbara Rhodes (Community Liaison Director), Roosevelt Roby (Founder and CEO WBE.NET).

Founder & CEO MR. Roosevelt Roby Founder & CEO MR. Roosevelt Roby
"The World Business Exchange Network supports Export Trade"

President George W. Bush President George W. Bush
"Trade with America will be done in a free and fair way"

Former President Bill Clinton Former President Bill Clinton
"Today record high exports account for fully 1/3 of our economic growth."

Archived News Articles
Roosevelt Roby Among the Top Urban Business Leaders Honored at the 2004 Urban Enterprise Awards.
Representatives from Malaysia Looking to Partner with The World Business Exchange Network to Promote International Business and Education for Students in Malaysia.
The Indiana Herald  
An Extraordinary entrepreneur, Roosevelt Roby addressed the conference of National Black Caucus of State Legislators in Indianapolis, IN.
The Omaha Star
Just 20 years ago, who would have thought that use of technology in America's public classrooms would someday become...
The New Voice of New York  
In the Grant Union School District in Sacramento, California, experimental classes in entrepreneurship are conducted entirely without books.
Birmingham Times  
Clark County School District, Las Vegas looking to implement Internet Course.
Birmingham Times
Los Angeles ScoopRoosevelt Roby, CEO of The World Business Exchange Network, says Landmark decision could boost import/export trade to new levels.
The Mid-South-Tribune  
International Trade Community Reassures Nervous Consumers.
Los Angeles Times  
Los Angeles TimesHigh School students, learning the nuances of International business using the Internet, get ready to take on the world.
Los Angeles Scoop  
Los Angeles ScoopCrenshaw High School has reached a partnership agreement with the non-profit R.E.I.S. Foundation of Los Angeles to...
Chicago Defender  
Chicago DefenderWhile some stand by and criticize students, teachers and schools, others are doing something positive...
Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles TimesTony Haywood got his start in business because of a lemon. His car broke down so often that he became expert at fixing it, especially his engine's turbocharger.
Los Angeles Sentinel
Roosevelt Roby, Entrepreneur and father of 10, taught his children how to make money selling products on the Internet. Their success translates...
L.A. Watts Times
L.A. Watts TimesSHARING VISION -- Roosevelt Roby, shares his vision of success for the future of International
Los Angeles Scoop  
Los Angeles ScoopU.S President Bill Clinton, California Governor Gray Davis and other political officials agree that the WBE Network is a winner. 
Los Angeles Scoop
Los Angeles ScoopInternational business opportunities available through World Business Exchange Network.
Daily Midway Driller  
The city of Taft has logged on to a commercial website on the Internet to engage in the business of International Trade.


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