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Published: December 21-25, 2002

Founder of The World Business Exchange Network Speaks At The NBCSL Held In Indy

By Alice Jackson

An Extraordinary entrepreneur, Roosevelt Roby addressed the conference of National Black Caucus of State legislators in Indianapolis, IN.

Roosevelt Roby has the distinction of being an African American Owner of a global-based trade network that operates via the Internet. His address was given at the International Affairs session of the conference. Mr. Roby, Chairman and CEO of the World Business Exchange Network shared first-hand knowledge and experience of operating a business that offers services to a global clientele.

Mr. Roby who is also founder and CEO of the R.E.I.S. Foundation, a non-profit organization established to expand entrepreneurial training, technology and educational training, technology and educational resources to disadvantaged members of society, especially minorities, women and at-risk youths.

This information was well suited for African-Americans who desire to establish worldwide business operators.

His focus and discussion at the conference surrounded sharing his wealth of knowledge through WBE.NET Global Internet Trade Course. The course provides a means for small businesses, students and individuals to become successful import/export agents.

The World Business Exchange Network provides in-depth training for anyone who wants to expand their private or professional financial future and acquire knowledge and training for the lucrative import/export business.

Roby's theory is that "If you can run a yard sale, you can be successful in international trade.

It's simply a matter of supplying the needs of consumers worldwide."

"A woman on welfare could get off welfare with this training ability with a small amount of coaching." Roby says this is a business anyone can operate, full or part time from home or office.

This self-made millionaire who began as a sharecropper's son in the rural backwoods of Mississippi, is child of parents who worked for a meager $10-$20 a year on a plantation, and who sere unable to read or write, now oversee the day-to-day operation of a growing, global reaching business.

Mr. Roby has devoted himself to creating opportunities for others after his own early experience with poverty and a poor education.

Through his civic activities, his lectures, and his non-profit organization, Mr. Roby hopes to provide opportunity to minority and disadvantaged individuals and inspire them to strive for the success he found so elusive early in life.

For more information about The World Business Exchange Network you can call 1-800-537-7347 or contact the website at www.wbe.net. Or Small Business Administration at 1-800-827-5722.

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