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No Books In This Classroom

LOS ANGELES, CA -- In the Grant Union School District in Sacramento, California, experimental classes in entrepreneurship are conducted entirely without books. The course is the WBE.NET Global Internet Trade Course, where students get practical training in international trade and how to become import/export agents.

All of the coursework is taught via the Internet, accessing the WBE.NET website. The program was funded by a grant from the California State Lottery and the R.E.I.S. Foundation.

Published April, 2002 Global Internet Trade Course students from Grant Union School District in Sacramento, California, tour the Oakland Shipping Port as a part of their hands-on training in International Trade

The school district's Superintendent Larry Buchanan realized the career opportunities the course offers and brought the program to Highland High School.

Highland High School teacher Jerry Steward, who teaches the Global Internet Trade Course (GITC), has introduced the students to a completely up-to-date way of conducting trade. She is one of the first teachers to conduct classes using computers exclusively in her school district. Roosevelt Roby, CEO and founder of the World Business Exchange Network, recently visited Highland High School to meet with her and her students.

Future classrooms will certainly look something like the one at Highland High School. In the GITC course, each student has a computer and the ability to access scanners, printers and headset speakers. In one corner of the classroom is a very big television monitor showing a live picture of another classroom in another location across the county. Classes are held at the same time and are separated by many miles. One teacher can supervise more than one classroom.

The course is the result of 20 years of research and development by the World Business Exchange Network (WBE.NET). Roby and his wife, Cathy, have authored many "How To" books to aid and educate entrepreneurs.

Twenty-two years ago that all change with the development of the personal computer. At that time there was only a very primitive system called the Bulletin Board System (BBS) that allowed people to communicate over the modem. From that small beginning there have been many dramatic developments, but none has been more dramatic than the "classroom without books". This is the beginning of a new era in education. These students are entering an unknown world where anything is possible.

WBE.NET leverages international trade to its subscriber via access to its massive database of buyers and sellers of products from thousands of international businesses in hundreds of countries around the world. In addition, the WBE.NET offers complete instructions on exporting, including a Training Manual & User Guide, detailed video and training.

Subscriber are also taught about export strategy: How to identify a money-making deal, market analysis, regulation, customs benefits, tax incentives, cultural differences, letters of credit, methods of payment, pricing and how to benefit from government resources that will enhance business. Since developing the program, thousands of individual entrepreneurs and small businesses have gone on to earn thousands of dollars utilizing invaluable trade leads and resources provided by WBE.NET.

The World Business Exchange Network was established as the first and only on-line tool to revolutionize the international trade industry and is bolstered by partnership agreements with the United States Department of Commerce, the United Nations and countries all over the world.

To lear more about starting a business in international trade, contact the WBE.Net at 1-800-537-7347 or visit the website at


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