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The New Year Rings in New Trade Opportunities with China

Roosevelt Roby, CEO of the World Business Exchange Network, says landmark decision could boost import/export trade to new levels.

LOS ANGELES, CA January 3, 2002 -- The date January 1, 2002 rings in more cheer than normal as it sets precedence. This is the effective date of the new permanent normal trade status to China granted by President Bush on Thursday, December 27. Bush called the trade proclamation the "final step in normalizing U.S.-China trade relations" and said it would open up the vast Chinese markets to billions of dollars in American goods.

Published January 3, 2002

Roosevelt Roby

"The time is ripe for international trade. Now that we can officially welcome China into a global, rules-based trading system, it's an opportune time for U.S. exporters to maximize penetration into the Chinese marketplace," said Roosevelt Roby, CEO of The World Business Exchange Network (, an import/export trade organization on the Internet. "This opens the door to China's once forbidden markets. The move by congress to support the permanent normal trade relations status with China, gives U.S. entrepreneurs and businesses a competitive edge as we head into a new year of commerce."

America's trade deficit, returning to more normal patterns after the September 11 terrorist attacks, soared to $29.4 billion in October, the biggest one-month jump in more than eight years. The Commerce Department said Wednesday, December 19, that the trade gap was 54.8% higher than a revised deficit of $19 billion in September, which had been the smallest deficit in more than two years. America's deficit with China surged to an all-time high for the imbalance with any country while the deficit with Japan rose to the highest level in a year. However, exports of goods and services are down by 4.2 percent this year. That puts the country on track for the first annual decline in exports since 1998, a year in which the Asian currency crisis sharply cut into the ability of American companies to sell overseas.

China and the United States reached an agreement, as part of China's World Trade Organization entry, that will lower China's tariffs on U.S. goods and open up its service sector to American companies.

"The business of exporting is one of the fastest growing careers in today's changing market, and with the permanent normal trade status with China, exporting is only going to grow. The U.S. market has never been in a better growth position for exporting and international trade," adds Roby. leverages international trade to its subscribers via access to its massive database of buyers and sellers of products from thousands of international businesses in hundreds of countries around the world. In addition the offers complete instruction on exporting, including a Training Manual & User Guide, detailed video and 24/7 training. The training is designed for ease of use, so anyone who desires to own their own business and work from home, can become an export agent with the

Subscribers are also taught about export strategy, how to identify a money-making deal, market analysis, regulation, customs benefits, tax incentives, cultural differences, letters of credit, methods of payment, pricing and how to benefit from government resources that will enhance business. Since developing the program, thousands of individual entrepreneurs and small businesses have gone on to earn thousands to millions of dollars utilizing invaluable trade leads and resources provided by

The World Business Exchange Network, which was established in 1987 as the first and only on-line tool to revolutionize the import/export trade industry, is bolstered by partnership agreements with the United States Department of Commerce, the United Nations and countries all over the world. To learn more about starting a business in international trade, contact the World Business Exchange Network at 1-800-537-7347 or visit the Web site at



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