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Published January 31, 2001

Roosevelt Roby, (left), Locke H.S. Principal Anne Webb, L.A. County Supervisor Yvonne Brathwaite Burke, Congresswoman Juanita McDonald, Governor Gray Davis, Magic Johnson and former President Bill Clinton.

While some stand by and criticize students, teachers and schools, others are doing something positive and beneficial. Entrepreneurs and businessmen like Roosevelt Roby and NBA superstar Magic Johnson believe nothing is more important than an education that emphasizes the modern tools of today's business and a work ethic that relies on the individual. These men share the true meaning of success: Set yourself free by owning your own business.

Self-made, multi-millionaire Roosevelt Roby is C.E.O. of The REIS Foundation, a non-profit organization seeking Public/Private Partners for Education to provide technology and entrepreneurial training using the WBE.NET International Trade Course for Students. In place at four Los Angeles high schools for 3 years, this curriculum has introduced the students to international trade using the Internet.

Magic Johnson met Roby when he was just a rookie. After leaving the NBA, he set out to implement those same ideas that he and Roby have discussed over the years. An entrepreneur in his own right, Johnson owns many business including a movie theatre, Starbucks Coffee shop, and T.G.I. Friday's restaurant franchise and is a strong example to the youth.

The revolutionary WBE.NET International Trade Course emphasizes the power of the individual and prepares students for a lifetime of learning. Its main emphasis has been to allow students to create their own enterprise using the Internet web site It is very rewarding for the students who learn how to actually operate a business using computers, e-mail, faxes, printers and scanners. This has heightened their motivation and interest in learning while increasing basic skills such as math, writing and social studies. An overall improvement in attitude and attendance has also been noted.

The future is brighter for those who will decide to go on and set up business for themselves. These lucky students receive a powerful message that through activity such as this they can become better prepared for the real world and set themselves free of working for others. And, there is magic in that message. Former President Bill Clinton, Governor Gray Davis and top educators from California have witnessed the success of the course; they saw for themselves what all the excitement is about.

Technology education is essential to allow students to cross the digital divide. Men like Roby, Magic Johnson, former President Clinton, Governor Davis and the brave teachers who are making the changes are bettering our kids chances for the global economy.

Anyone can visit and see why it has such meaning today. For more information, contact The REIS Foundation, 5777 W. Century Blvd., Suite 1685, Los Angeles, CA 90045; or call (310) 670-6710.


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