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Published July 15, 1999

Roosevelt Roby shares his vision of success for the future of International Trade with student Lera Ashe (seated) as WBE.NET Course Instructor Alfonzo Cliff Webb II, Principal Anne Webb, Los Angeles County Supervisor Yvonne Brathwaite Burke, U.S. Congresswoman Juanita Millender McDonald, California Governor Gray Davis and U.S. President Bill Clinton look on.

On July 9, 1999, President Bill Clinton walked the halls of Locke High School, one of many stops on the "TOUR ON POVERTY." Clinton praised Mr. Roosevelt Roby, CEO of the World Business Exchange Network for his import/export trade program.

The program was demonstrated by Keith Callahan and Steven Ramirez, students at Locke High, who showed the President how Import/Export trade can be conducted over the Internet. "This is great. I love it," said Clinton to a crowd of distinguished guests such as Governor Gray Davis, Congresswoman Juanita McDonald, County Supervisor, Yvonne Brathwaite Burke and basketball great, Magic Johnson.

"I got it!" The President expressed delight when the students illustrated how they had learned to middleman a deal to earn a profit. "You mean, you can find a customer in one country and locate a supplier in another country, put the deal together and still make the money? Now, that's how the American Entrepreneur works."

The WBE.NET, a forerunner in the President's plan for the nation's venture into broader based economic borders such as import/export trade, earned Clinton's confidence that the youth at Locke High not only took his words to heart but also put them into action. Locke Principal, Anne Webb, said, "I wish every student could be a part of this program! The students taking the course have already shown marked improvement in their class work."

Clinton reflected surprise to learn from Webb that upon completion of a transaction of trade, any capital gains will be directed to the school's scholarship fund. "We have created all kinds of incentives to invest in emerging markets, whether in Asia, Europe, or Latin America. Why shouldn't we do this in the United States?," said Sanford Weill, CEO, Citigroup. Weill, 66, is a Wall Street deal maker traveling with Clinton on the tour.

Mr. Roby concurs. "Since 1987, our focus has been on establishing trade routes that lead emerging communities to the global marketplace. In answer to the President's call that all Americans get involved in international trade, we have taken a home based business concept utilizing the newest technology and translated it into a course curriculum that creates jobs and teaches students to become entrepreneurs over the Internet."

Juanita McDonald's office was instrumental in getting the LAUSD to approve the course that attracted the attention of the President and Governor. After the demonstration, Yvonne Burke Exclaimed, "I can hardly believe such a wonderful program has been in place at Locke High." Governor Gray Davis told Mr. Roby that he would give his support in establishing more high schools with the WBE.NET Trade Program.

With the support of public/private partners, the program will enable more students to play an active role participating in trade opportunities. For more information on how to get this program installed in other schools, contact WBE.NET, 5777 W. Century Boulevard, Suite 300, Los Angeles, CA 90045; 1-800-537-7347; or e-mail,


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