Company Background

The World Business Exchange Network (WBE.NET) is a powerful import/export trade association that promotes U.S. exports and develops Export Trading Companies. By providing education, study and research materials, as well as on-going learning support, WBE.NET helps subscribers jump-start their own home-based business and become successful export agents in the lucrative field of international trade.

WBE.NET was established in 1987 by visionary entrepreneur Mr. Roosevelt Roby who recognized the need for cutting-edge technology to provide rapid distribution of export trade data. Through partnership agreements with the U.S. Department of Commerce, the United Nations, and other government and business agencies, WBE.NET emerged as a portal through which trade activity could flourish. WBE.NET was the first commercial website to educate entrepreneurs and businesses, not only how the export process works, but also where to find trading partners and how to conduct global business transactions.

WBE.NET subscribers learn a common sense approach on how to become an export agent and work from home or office. Members receive a Practical Study Guide booklet with step-by-step instructions; online resources; professional learning support by phone, fax and email; and, a DVD presentation of an actual trade transaction to understand how the export process works. They learn how to access independent trade databases of buyers and sellers from thousands of international businesses in hundreds of countries around the world.

The program provides in-depth knowledge on everything from establishing and organizing a home-based business, to export strategy, market analysis, product selection, pricing, correspondence, contracts, distribution channels, methods of payment and more. With all this in mind, you can engage in trade transactions and earn money while in training.

Since it’s inception, WBE.NET has trained thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners. Regardless of age, education, experience or background, whether on a full- or part-time basis, many have gone on to earn thousands-to-millions of dollars utilizing these valuable tools. Actual subscriber transactions have ranged from a $25,000 blue jeans deal to $18,000,000 steel contract.

WBE.NET celebrated its 25th Anniversary in 2012. In 2013, beloved founder and CEO Roosevelt Roby passed away. His wife and business partner Cathy Roby proudly continues to serve new generations of innovative entrepreneurs and companies that are driving the global economy.